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Power,Rail and Telecom Systems


​Screwpile installed 48 no helical piles with a shaft diameter of 140mm and 2 No 550 diameter helices for Northern Ireland Electricity. Each base was completed in two days including testing. The net result was there was very little damage to the surrounding land which normally occurs when bases are installed at depth in areas with poor soils.Helical piles can be installed at remote locations without the need for piling mats.

Piling for OHLE Masts at Grand Canal Plaza Station

Screwpile were commissioned by KN networks to install 4 piles to a concrete pile cap and 2 anchor piles at Grand Canal Plaza Station. The work took place under possession.Each pile consisted of 4no 450 helices on a 140mm shaft .

Contractor:   KN Networks

Designer:     Irish Rail

Temporary Pilecap/Piles at Harcourt Street for LUAS

Screwpile were contracted by BAM to install a pile cap to take a temporary

Luas pole for the overhead line in Harcourt Street.

The cap was made of an inverted T steel section supported with 4 helical piles.Each pile consisted of 2no 450mm diam helices on a 114mm in diameter shaft. The work was completed in one day.

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